Hello Everyone!

Today has been a absolutely thrilling day.

I got offered the chance to have my first professional ebook made into an audio book. Not being a fool, I went and said ‘YES!’. As these things do, it took some time for the book to get put together, but I am very patient and I didn’t work my way into a froth.

I kept hearing good things about what was happening and being curious, I started to wonder. Then I got given a sample of the narrator reading the words that I had put to page and I fell in love. Oh, she has such a lovely voice. I mean really, lovely.

Then things got quiet again.

But today? Remember how I said today is thrilling? Oh, it is indeed. It is so thrilling, I am bouncing in my seat as I type this out. I got the first of three links to where my book can be found as an audio book. There is a sample! And it sounds better than I could ever dream.

So, there is my new news. Go listen, maybe fall a bit in love with my narrator’s voice, maybe with the story and hey! Share the news!